I love becoming Mr. Right. No matter what I happen to be going through or feeling at the time, when I put on the derby hat I just feel “different”. And it’s wonderful.
Saturday was such a beautiful, sunny day that it made perfect sense to be outside. So Saturday afternoon, my fiance (the girl) and I went to Pismo Beach. Just south of San Luis Obispo, in Arroyo Grande there are beautiful beaches. What makes Pismo Beach so unique is that you can drive on it. In fact, you can even camp on the beach overnight. Knowing this, I planned a few days prior to do a photo shoot on the beach, as Mr. Right, for an upcoming short film. So I drove the MINI, loaded with all my gear (and Shannon), and parked on the beach. Many people take advantage of this privilege as well, so there is a constant stream of cars and trucks coming and going on the beach. Luckily, we were able to find a perfect spot close to the water.
I was dressed in a red shirt and black tie (mr. Right casual wear) with my derby hat. As soon as I stepped out of my car I got a honk and a wave from car passing by. I smiled and waved back. Shannon got all “dolled up” in her outfit and we proceeded to shoot some stills and video of us posed together on the beach. The family that was parked closest to us kept watching us, wondering what we were filming. As we were finishing up another car was driving past and, just as it passed in front of the MINI the driver looked back smiling, then saw us sitting beside it on the blanket and he began laughing and waving. It was as if we were an attraction – a performance art installation. But what the hey, I love performance art.

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