For many artists out there one of the key ingredients to our craft is time in solitude. In the performing arts it is essential that we set aside focused time in our day to “play”. After all, it is through play that many of us discover ideas for new routines. One of the best things we can do when working on new material is to put on some music, get out our props, play with them and see what happens.
Some of my best memories are of locking myself in my house for a weekend, and moving from activity to activity; painting for a while, then listening to music, then playing with a dancing cane or a length of rope. Some of my best work came out of those creative explorations. Now, having recently made the move to a new home in California and settling down with a wife I realize that time cannot be as free as it was in my younger and more experimental years. But creative juices are still flowing through my blood. I have a strong desire to create, as all artists do. The solution I have found is – balance.
In order to not lose focus on our art and disintegrate we must balance our art with our other priorities and responsibilities. For example, we all have to devote some time of our day to put focus and attention on our family, after all they are our biggest support team. Perhaps we have to work a regular job, that also requires time and devotion. So the goal is to find a time in your day where you can still devote a few hours to working on your art. For some, the best time may be in the early morning; sort of an early morning exercise before starting the day. For others, it may be better to work later at night after everyone else has gone to bed and there are few distractions. Whenever you decide what is best for you, stick to it – make it conscious. If you do not plan what you will work on then it is very easy to get distracted and drift into other things. Decide what you will do and for how long. Perhaps one night you focus on working out the mechanics of a new routine, the next night you focus on writing and scripting the new routine, etc, etc. By working this way you walk away feeling productive, like you accomplished something instead of just dreaming or thinking about it day after day.

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