This month on my Mystery School Monday CineMagic segments I am featuring pioneers in CineMagic films. Each week I will be featuring a film that pushed the boundaries of what was possible with the medium of film. These films predate any kind of modern special effects. With only 8 mm celluloid and lots of creativity these magicians explored new possibilities and, as a result, have inspired many artists along the way.
First up is one of my favorite films by Georges Méliès.  Georges Méliès was a stage magician who later became a filmmaker after seeing the a demonstration in moving pictures by the Lumiere Brothers. Over the course of his life he made over 200 films, many of which involved magic or the use of magic principles to achieve special effects.  He was also one of the first filmmakers to manipulate reality by utilizing trick photography.  The Four Troublesome Heads was one of his earliest films with trick photography, made in 1898.  Enjoy!

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