In the past videos were nice to include on a website, today however they are a must-have element of any viable business. We know that a video on our website can give our prospective clients a look into the services and products we offer. Rather than describing your product or service in written detail, a video allows the viewer to see the product or service in action.  But did you know that video is now the essential differentiator that drives search engine optimization?  The days of relying solely on meta tags and keywords for search engine optimization (SEO) are over. According to an article on, when a company integrates relevant videos that match the content of the site, search engines find and index the video. This, in turn, improves your overall website search ranking and also allows search results to be presented with matching video, which increases search-based traffic to your site. This means having a video as the first thing people see on your website is not only good to engage people on your site, but to actually enhance your SEO ranking. According to Internet marketing guru Bruce Clay, “Since Google integrated video into its search offering, websites featuring video have gained a significant SEO advantage. Relevant videos are being displayed near the top of Google search results.” He has also said, “I think, that a year from now, we are going to be sitting here saying – ‘if you don’t have video, if you don’t have engagement objects on your website, you are just not going to rank. It will make you last among equals if you don’t have it.”

In a study by the Market Experiments Journal, the use of video in viral marketing can also greatly increase people clicking on other pages of your website to find out more about what you offer. It seems having relevant video content on your website has become crucial to being listed in search results, making sales, and enhancing the visitor experience. Do you have a video that drives people to your website?  Is there a high-quality video on the home page of your website? If not, perhaps that should be the next consideration for marketing yourself and your business.

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