Last week I traveled to Seattle, Washington for the first time to visit my friend Aaron Tuttle and perform in The Holiday Show at the Bainbridge Performing Arts Center. The theater was located on the island of Bainbridge, about a 35 minute ferry ride from Seattle.

BPA Playhouse

The display board

I was there for 4 days only, with a show on Thursday night and Friday night.  I wanted to see as much of the city as possible in my short amount of time.  Of course there was Pike Place Market, the Space Needle and all the classic landmarks that I had to visit. With Aaron as my host and tour guide we set out each day to take in the city before heading to the ferry around 4 pm to take us to Bainbridge Island.

First thing first – I needed to stop off in one of the many cafés for an afternoon tea…

That night we got to the theater a little early as it was opening night.  I was so excited I got all dressed up about 2 hours early and then realized I had not eaten dinner.  Befuddled, I decided to walk to the nearby Town & Country convenience store.  I walked in, ordered 3 corn dogs and a cup of broccoli cheddar soup and walked back to the theater to eat backstage with my fellow cast members.

That night, opening night, I found out my friend Ariel Bravy, who I had not seen since middle school, was coming to the show.  Having gone to the same elementary and middle school and being in the school band together, it was wonderful to reconnect with him after so many years.

with Ariel Bravy

The next morning, Aaron and I set out to Pike Place Market…

This was a marvellous place with fresh fish, fruits, vegetables, spices, teas, and more.  They even had a stand that sold freshly made mini doughnuts (of which I bought six).

While we were there we also stopped by the original Starbucks where I managed to get an authentic Starbucks tea!

We also found what is known as the “gum wall”, which is literally a side of a brick building full of pieces of gum.  Some people have even gone so far as to made shapes and designs with their gum.  So I decided to make a small contribution of my own…

my contribution

After chewing an entire pack of gum, I needed a drink. We headed to a wine tasting room to sample different wines from Italy and Washington state.  After everything I sampled, I think my favorite new wine is a blend called Vixen Red.

By now the time had flown by and it was time to head to the theater for the Friday night show.

snapshot from my performance

The next day, Saturday, was my last day there. I was flying out that night so we had to make the most of my down time before heading out.  We went to the Space Needle where I bought some awesome “Space Needle” souvenirs. And right next door to the space needle was the EMP building. The Experience Music Project is a 140,000 sq. ft. building designed by Frank Gehry that houses a museum and concert hall. Like all of Frank Gehry’s work, the building itself is quite a sight to see.

Space Needle

EMP Building

After this I took my friend Aaron out for a bite to eat and thanked him for being such a great host and friend. In addition to showing me around, he had kept his DSLR camera at his side the whole time to capture video of Mr. Right visiting Seattle. This will make for a great video for sure!

After a deep conversation on life and happiness, it was finally time to collect my cares and woes and head on home to sunny California.  As I sat at the airport I was thinking, as I normally do, about what a great experience this week was. I made so many new friends, reconnected with old friends, and got to perform my show for a new group of people all in just 4 short days .  It’s experiences like this that make me truly thankful for what I do. As usual I was left feeling like I did not get enough time there. There were, after all, things I still did not get to see and do. But I suppose some things will have to wait for the next visit!

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