In our last newsletter we spoke about the necessity of having video on your website for search engine optimization (read it here). As we move forward in this new year it is a good time to start thinking about how you can expand your reach beyond your website and into social media. In this age of viral videos you have the potential to reach a worldwide audience through the use of video marketing. It is time to create quality video content that gets people’s attention and drives interest to your brand. In this newsletter I would like to focus on some tips for creating magnetic media. That is, media that engages people, creates conversation, and generates interest in your product or service.  In the last year the majority of the videos I made for clients were geared toward their social media marketing. In addition, each month I created a short film to promote my silent character, Mr. Right.
But with the overabundance of videos out there how do you make a video that reaches people? The answer is relevance. The power of your video lies in the degree to which it reflects and expands people’s vision of themselves. While I am not suggesting you try to please the masses with every video you create, making a video that relates to a common theme or human experience can greatly affect the response it receives.
Here are some points to consider as you begin to think about what media content you want to create that draws people to your business.

  • Make it brand-relevant. Any video you create or post on video sharing sites like YouTube should reflect your brand aspiration and manifest your qualities.
  • Make a video that will connect people. The purpose of your video should be to bring people together and build a global audience. Make a video that is interactive on some level and invite people to participate, whether that be holding a contest or inviting people to make comments.
  • Let your content extend across media. The videos you create should serve as one piece of a broader experience. Each month when I make my Mr. Right video I  use the opportunity to create interest in the character and my live show. The video informs and promotes the brand.
  • Make a video that tells a story and inspires people. A good movie or video resonates with people. Inspire people with your brand values. Create something that is meaningful and it will have an enormous effect.
  • Draw from the everyday. This goes back to my statement about relevance. Create a video that encompasses shared experiences that people can relate to. Include situations or events people will recognize. Think about what your brand’s values are and how they relate to people’s experiences.

I hope this gives you an idea of the potential you have to reach a wide audience through the medium of video and some ways to keep people tuning in for more. Don’t worry about how many people see it, just make sure the right people see it!

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