One of the questions I am often asked is “What type of consumer camera is best?”. You might be surprised to hear my answer. For those looking for a camera that is lightweight, easy to use, and has great picture quality, you may already have exactly what you need in your pocket. It is amazing how far video recording has come in the past 5 years. When I began shooting video professionally, HD cameras had just come out. Now, to think that video can be captured at HD resolution on a cell phone is mind blowing. I had read articles about filmmakers using an iPhone to shoot videos, so I knew it was possible but did not realize how possible it was until I started playing around with it. And after a bit of experimentation I realized the potential of this small but mighty device.  Behind the shoot
I recently had a project come up where I had to shoot and edit a video in less than 24 hours. This was for a new collaborative project between Jeff McBride, the Theory and Art of Magic Press and Magic Magazine. For this task I shot everything on the iPhone. While that may seem a bit ambitious, the quality of the video is quite stunning. In order to get more camera-like capabilities out of the iPhone, I came across this app called Filmic Pro. And for a mere $3.99 this app gives you far more control over the camera than the standard camera app. In fact, it allows you to control the frame rate, focus, exposure & white balance, and even has an audio level meter.  In the next newsletter I will discuss a few more tips for capturing good quality video using an iPhone (or iPod touch).
While I’m not suggesting that the iPhone is an adequate replacement for a professional video camera, for those moments when you just need something quick and easy that will give you high quality results consider the iPhone.

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