One of the pieces of advice I give to my clients as we begin planning their video project is to think about the look they are trying to sell. Since we are often our own brand, it is important to make sure everything we put out for the public to see matches the image we want to convey (and accurately represents our products and services).  This consistent look is extremely important for effective marketing.  The look people see on a postcard or flyer that sends them to your website should reflect the image they see on your website, and so on.
I recently completed a show promo video for a magician in Switzerland. His website ( has a very elegant, distinct look; from the purple wallpaper and gold picture frames to his stylish logo. My goal was to capture that aesthetic in his video.

I created a 3D version of this 2D image with picture frames on a wall that would serve as transitions between each sequence of clips. All of the performance footage in this video was provided by Jad. I consulted with Jad about capturing his show on video, shooting from different angles, getting wide shots as well as close up, and what routines would look best in a montage-style video.  Over the months that followed, Jad would send me new footage as he did more shows. Once we had collected a substantial amount of high quality footage, I began working on the motion graphics and editing the footage together to fit the nonlinear structure.  After layering in music and titles with a professional Voiceover, the result is a promotional video that is consistent with his brand:
[vimeo w=543&h=300]

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