It has been an exciting month here at Red Spade Entertainment! We have been working on many new projects and are nearly booked through the end of the year. One of the most important things to meet the demand of client projects, and on-going self-produced projects, is to constantly upgrade equipment. Several months ago I realized that my iMac Core2Duo was no longer capable of handling my workflow. Considering that HD is the standard for video now, I needed to upgrade my computer.  This last month I began working on a 6 core Mac Pro.  The other big change to happen over the last month has been my transition from Final Cut Pro to Adobe Premiere Pro. Adobe has come such a long way in advancing their design and editing software that it seemed like a logical next step for continuing to provide high-quality videos. Having already worked extensively with After Effects, editing with Premiere Pro has made things even more efficient in completing projects.
I would like to share with you a recent promo video I made for award-winning magician, Michael Trixx. Note the beginning and ending graphic animation and the newspaper animations, custom made in After Effects.
[vimeo w=500&h=281]
In addition, I completed two new teaching videos and promos for the Magic & Mystery School. This first teaser video poses a question to intrigue the viewer to keep watching for the answer.
This second video attracts the viewer by providing a backstory for the product.

Have you been watching It’SURREAL Fine Time?  If not, it’s a fine time to start! Next Wednesday, July 10 will be our 5th episode. My goal for this half-hour web series is to open up the world of Surrealism and film making, to increase the appreciation and understanding of these powerful art forms. New episodes stream live the second Wednesday each month on And you can always watch past episodes on my website
Next week I will be heading out to Las Vegas to join the faculty of McBride’s Magic & Mystery School for the 7-day Master Class.

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