One of the things I hear from my clients is their desire to form long-lasting relationships with their customers. With all of the digital noise in the world today, it can seem challenging just to get their attention. The biggest benefit that a video provides is engagement. Images, words, colors, and sound all blend together to give a multi-sensory experience. There is no doubt that video can give us a deeper connection with people, and them with us. When we see people have emotional experiences (as opposed to reading about them) we have a greater connection.
A promo video does not always have to be a “pitch video”. One example is a recent video I shot and edited for magician David Reed-Brown.

[vimeo w=500&h=281]

David’s show is all about enlightening people with life-lessons through visual metaphors. The magic he performs is very heartfelt and meaningful. Therefore, a flashy, high-energy sizzle video would not suit his style, and would not effectively communicate the right message. Instead, we chose to focus on his story, told by him talking about his work. In turn, this promo video of his show takes on more of a documentary style, profiling him and his work. People watching the video feel like they get to know him. And get a deeper understanding of who he is.

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