1.) “I Need Expensive Software…”
People often assume that to record their screen they need to buy some high-end software to give them professional results. There are two pieces of software in fact that allow you to capture your screen and audio narration, for free. One is Quick
Time Player and the other is VLC Media Player. Both are available for download from their respective websites.
2.) “I Can Wing It…”
Decide what you are going to say before you start shooting. Knowing what you will say and how you will get from one point to the next makes it much smoother and easier to follow. Use a mind map, outlines, or whatever works for you. By planning in advance, it will take you minutes instead of hours to produce your video. Furthermore this will keep your thought process clear so you are able to keep things concise and not raScreen Capture Sequence.00_09_14_21.Still003mble on.
3.) “I Can Use the Built-in Mic…”
The built-in microphone on your camera or computer is not going to give you good quality sound. Poor quality sound can make listening to your narration unbearable. Instead, make sure you use a quality external microphone to avoid any hiss or static and ensure clear, crisp audio. You can find external condenser microphones that plug directly into your computer via USB.
4.) “I’ll Just Read the Information Off of Slides…”
There is nothing more painful to sit through than a presentation where the speaker is reading verbatim off of Power Point slides. This is a massive turn off for people watching. If you have visual aids, such as slides, to accompany your narration make sure the information on them is in digestible bullet points that summarize what you are saying as opposed to long paragraphs that are transcriptions of exactly what you are saying.
5.) “I’ll Put Something Out There and See What Happens…”
A good presentation, like a story, has a clear beginning, middle, and end. Don’t get caught up in rattling off technical jargon to show how much you know. Consider your audience. Knowing the audience that will be watching, and their skill level, will make a big difference in how you tell your story.
For those wanting to learn a couple of quick and easy (and free!) pieces of software for screen capture, here is my free tutorial:

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