Kabir Khan

Kabir Khan is one of the top psychic performers in the world. He has entertained royalties, celebrities and corporations around the world. He also has been appointed by the Malaysian Government as Tourism Ambassador to the United States of America and the United Kingdom for the purpose of promoting Malaysia as tourism destination.

Performer Promo Video

When Kabir Khan needed a video to promote himself as an Internationally acclaimed mentalist, he contacted us to get the job done. He had a grand vision for the look and feel he wanted to convey and used our services to build it. We arranged locations for the performance in a theater in Las Vegas as well as a studio to film the news anchors. We provided onstage talent along with extras to be in the audience. We filmed Kabir onstage from different angles, capturing different points of his show. While Kabir had some existing news footage from his home news stations, it was also necessary to film some additional segments of American news reports. Additionally we shot some inserts of Kabir in silhouette lighting to give him an iconic look. After we finished editing the final video, Kabir was able to use this video to receive an official government appointment as the Tourism Ambassador for Malaysia.  

Services: Creative Development, Filming, Editing, Motion Graphics, Animation, Color Correction, Audio Mixing