The Checkerboard Guy

Since 1981, The Checkerboard Guy has been racking up awards with his exceptional laughter-inducing audience interactions. This comedy- juggling superhero only uses his super powers for good and he’ll even change costumes in a phone booth if it’ll get a laugh! The Checkerboard Guy splits his time between working for corporate clients, cruise lines, performing arts centers and international festivals.

Performer Promo Video

The Checkerboard Guy contacted us at Red Spade Productions when he needed a new promo video to promote his show to the cruise ship market. He had plenty of high quality existing footage to draw from but needed a slick demo video that captured his eccentric performing style and showcased his skill as a juggler and entertainer. We created a fast-paced opening of different clips showing off his skills followed by longer segments showing bits from his shows. We mixed in some quotes he had received and added a professional voice over to give another layer of credibility.

Services: Creative Development, Editing, Motion Graphics, Color Correction, Audio Mixing