Tim Gabrielson

Tim Gabrielson has been performing and speaking for over 28 years. He originally became in-demand nationally for his riveting show combining clean humor and highly-skilled magic. For the past 10+ years, he has been infusing his highly-entertaining show with a simple and profound take-away message about creating positive change.

Speaker Demo Video

Tim Gabrielson had amassed a large amount of footage from a variety of speaking engagements over the years. He was looking to have it edited into a tight demo video that accurately portrayed him and conveyed his message. After sifting through the footage we compiled the best visual moments into a fast-paced opening followed by longer clips to show segments of his presentations. This is what he had to say after we completed the video: 

“After years of dealing with several different video production companies and experiencing the difficulty of trying to explain the vision in which I wanted my video to be portrayed, and not knowing what of my stock footage I was to use…led me down a road of costly and unprofitable demo reels that did not show “ME” on stage. With the footage they were given to choose from, I could not be happier.”

Services: Creative Development, Editing, Motion Graphics, Color Correction, Audio Mixing