Pitch Videos

We create pitch videos that engage viewers and take your pitch to another level.

What is a Pitch Video?

A pitch video is used when trying to persuade someone to buy or invest in something. Within a short video you can capture the attention of potential investors and get them onboard with your idea. Unlike a wordy presentation, a well crafted pitch video will engage viewers and convey your vision in a coherent and compelling manner.   

Why a Pitch Video?

Pitch videos grab attention and can elicit more interest from your prospects. By stimulating the auditory and visual senses you increase viewers’ comprehension of your pitch. Pitch videos can extremely useful for crowdfunding campaigns to raise money. A well made video can build investors’ confidence. Pitch videos can also be useful to build the trust of vendors, advisors, and, ultimately, in acquiring customers.  

This pitch video was created to pitch a concept for a theatrical séance show. It not only communicates the concept, it also conveys the mood the show will have. 

Our Proven Approach

We begin by learning about your product, service, or idea from you. Clients typically provide us with a creative brief that outlines their vision for the project. From that we will work together to develop a story to be told visually. We then create a storyboard to illustrate the sequences. Once we have created the storyboard we begin to plan and execute the shoot. We handle every aspect of production, from sourcing talent to lighting, shooting, art direction, and creating visual effects. From there we handle all the post-production work – editing, motion graphics, sound mixing, and voiceover narration. Our goal is to create a pitch video that engages viewers and helps you seal the deal. Let us put our creativity and experience to work for you. 

“I’ve used Red Spade Productions for two projects thus far. Both of them turned out exceptionally well. They’re my go-to guys for video production and I can’t wait to work with them again soon.”

Rick Gerber

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