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We create videos that creatively demonstrate your product to your potential customers.

Professional Product Videos

Having a compelling product demo video can be a powerful sales tool. A great product video will demonstrate the value of your product, show how it solves a problem, and convince viewers why they cannot live without it. Regardless of the type of product you need to promote, there is no better medium than video to illustrate the unique aspects of your product. 

What is a Product Demo Video?

A product demo video shows what the product is, the problem it solves, how it works, and how to get it. Product videos should be informative, educational, and memorable with the goal of generating interest and making sales. These videos can be used on the product page of a website or shared on social media to pique interest and drive traffic to a website.

This product video was created for magician Jeff McBride’s palming coins. Using title graphics and sound effects together with close-up shots to show the detail of the coins this video points out the unique features while demonstrating how they can be used.

Our Proven Approach

We at Red Spade Productions have experience creating Product Videos for a wide range of clients all over the world. Typically we handle every aspect of the production, from concept through to completion. This allows us to ensure the best quality video. However, we are also able to work with existing footage, editing it together with compelling music, titles, and if needed a voiceover narration. Whether you already have footage demonstrating your product or need our team to shoot your product in action, we are ready to be your partner in producing an effective product video that will deliver results.  

“I love Red Spade Productions’ work. Their unique style and passion can be clearly distinguished in the poetic and magical visuals in their videos that are so strong in emotions yet subtlety enigmatic.”

Alan Wong

AWONG Magic, Hong Kong

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