Social Media Videos

We create custom social media videos that boost engagement.

Social Media Videos

Social media platforms are a fantastic way to reach millions of people all over the world and nothing has proven to be more effective for driving viewer engagement than videos. In fact, social media posts with videos in them boosts views by 48%! Videos uploaded to Facebook and Instagram are more effective at increasing brand awareness and drawing new prospects to your website. 

What Is a Social Media Video?

Social Media Videos are designed specifically to be seen and shared on social media platforms. These videos are not meant to be sales pitches, but rather used to pique interest, evoke emotion, and generate buzz. These videos can be done in the form of a short story, an animation, an eye-catching cinemagraph, a reality-style “behind the scenes”, or any other short format that captures attention. 

This is a video we created specifically for social media platforms to generate buzz about a show’s extension.

Make Your Video Effective

Because each social network has a unique audience as well as its own requirements for video, social media videos need to be optimized for different platforms. Tailoring your videos to the specific platform is essential and we at Red Spade Productions know how to do this effectively. Whether you need a video that will increase brand awareness, engage with your prospects, or build relationships with an online community, we will create custom crafted social media videos that meet your needs and help you reach your target market. 

Red Spade Productions produced the #1 Sales Tool I need to sell my show, and all on schedule! I have no doubt it will get me lots of work!

Todd Charles

Variety Performer

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