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We create customized demo videos that present professional speakers in the best possible light.

Professional Speaker Videos

The most important marketing tool for professional speakers to generate leads and increase bookings is a solid demo video. Meeting and event planners want to see what they are getting before they book you. Unless an event organizer has seen you speak live, a polished, professional speaker demo is the number one way to generate more speaking opportunites. 

What Makes a Great Speaker Demo?

First and foremost, quality. You want your demo video to reflect the level of quality and expertise event organizers are looking for. Next is time, or the overall length of the video. Keep it short to keep the prospective booker engaged. This is your opportunity to make a great first impression, to communicate who you are and what you do. Convey your expertise, credibility, and experience in a compelling way. Use short clips, insightful sound bites, and audience reactions together with upbeat music and high quality graphics that complement without overpowering.    

This is a video we created for Tim Gabrielson with highlights of his program “The Magic of Comedy”. 

Our Proven Approach

We have over 10 years of experience creating demo videos. Our goal is to present speakers on video in the best possible light and to get their message across clearly and succinctly. We begin by getting to know you and the message you want to convey. We will review any existing footage and media you may have to establish what we have to work with and determine what additional filming needs to be done.  Then we will work with you on crafting a story that will be both unique to you and engaging to viewers. We then carefully select the right music and visual effects to enhance your video and engage the viewer.   

The creativity, talent, communication skills, and patience, combined with their entertainment background sets Red Spade Productions far above industry standards. I could not be happier. I only wish I would have found you years ago.”

Tim Gabrielson

Speaker & Performer, The Magic of Comedy

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